English · 01. July 2019
Hey guys! Did you follow European elections this year and have you heard about election returns in Germany? This time, many German parties have achieved unprecedented results, but what are the reasons for that? Big parties like the CDU and the SDP have achieved the poorest election results ever. The Greens have produced the strongest results ever. CDU, SDP and die Linke have lost18 seats together, while the Greens have gained 10 new seats and other smaller parties have gained 1-4 new seats as...
English · 30. June 2019
The affair between Switzerland and the EU is determined by the skeleton agreement. Some elements of the contract are unclear and they need to be discussed again to clarify relation between the EU and Switzerland. However, some Swiss politicians want to wait with the negotiations until a new president of the European commission is elected because they hope that this way the negotiations will have a better outcome for Switzerland. Some EU- politicians already stated that there is nothing to do...
English · 17. June 2019
The first Pan-European party in Europe: Volt
English · 01. June 2019
An evaluation of the results of the Junior Election in Germany and at Gesamtschule Brühl.
English · 30. May 2019
Getting ready to vote! Don't forget your documentation!!
English · 29. May 2019
The simulation of the European Elections at IES Binissalem has somehow introduced its students to the adult world. Ready to decide! #ThistimeImvoting #Erasmus+
English · 23. May 2019
This article is addressed to people who do not know what the EU does or already did for them.
English · 22. May 2019
Less is more in terms of numbers and more is more when it comes to balance. Some insights in what EU assemblies look and feel like as well as the sometimes not quite convincing versions of the members. So if you feel lost trying to get the EU' structures, don't worry, they all are too.
English · 20. May 2019
Our school is participating at the junior elections. Here is some information on how we encouraged students at our school to take part.
English · 20. May 2019
"Europe must become a feeling." The presentation of the EU (election) in the media occupied us pupils of the Comprehensive School of the City of Brühl on Tuesday 7th May 2019 at the panel discussion. “What does it mean to be European?“ asked the moderator Christoph Heinemann (Deutschlandradio) the guests Peter Pauls (journalist and the former editor of the Kölner Stadtanzeiger), Marzanna Dyjak-Diederich (of the group Pulse of Europe Köln), Michael Strempel [1] (WDR) and (blogger)Lennart...

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