Racism under the Christmas tree? No thanks!


Racism under the Christmas tree? No thanks!


Nuremberg, the second largest city in Bavaria. More than half a million people live here. Every second year, the Christ Child is elected here. The increase of racism can be seen even in such a beautiful thing as Christmas.



What is the Nuremberg Christ Child?

The Nuremberg Christkind has been opening the Nuremberg Christmas Market for 65 years. It takes up its term of office for 2 years.

The Christkind has the task to distribute presents to small children at the Christmas Market, as well as to say comforting or entertaining words in old people's homes, kindergartens, facilities for the disabled and hospitals and to read stories. Besides it holds interviews, has television appearances and visit on christmasmarket in other cities. To be a Christ child is a high honorary office, which fills the applicant*in with "luck".


How to become a Christ Child?

Before you can become the Christ Child, you have to apply to a casting and fulfill various conditions. The Christkind must be between 16 and 19 years old. Another condition is that the Christkind must be at least 1.60 m tall. A jury selects 12 candidates from all the applicants.  The first Christkind was symbolized in 1969 as a blonde-locked, crowned and in the golden dress like an angel. This is probably the reason why the Christ Child has received such criticism this year. It does not conform to the norm.

This year the Christ Child is 17-year-old Benigna Munsi with an Indian migration background. She was born in Nuremberg. She has brown curly hair, a darker complexion and wears glasses. She was chosen for this year's Christkind because of her radiant nature and cheerfulness.


Right-wing radicals strike

The right-wing German party AfD has attacked the 17 year old on the public Facebook page. With the comment: "Nuremberg has a new Christkind. One day we'll be like the Indians."  Did they complain about the appearance of the Christ Child?

The public reacted shocked.  This was not the first time that the AfD had expressed its hostility to foreigners.

Meanwhile the entry has been deleted. According to the AfD, the editor had criticized the election next, "because he had imagined the Christ Child differently out of habit". And further: "This post does not correspond to the values of the AfD". The editor did not want to offend anyone "and resigned immediately".


How did the public react?

The comments under different German newspapers can be divided into three categories.

·         Defense of Benigna Munsi because it doesn't matter how you look and how you come to Germany

·         Defense of Benigna Munsi because Jesus came from Israel

·         Defending the AfD because only one person has expressed himself and the party distances itself from the AFD


For example:

·         "Little tip for AfD: Jesus was a Jew! Can't anything be done about it? Prohibit Christmas? Then there will be no more discussion about the Christ Child!"

             ·         "Terrible people. Jesus was certainly not blond and blue-eyed."


How did politicians react?

Markus Söder said: «Congratulations to Benigna Munsi on her choice as the new Nuremberg Christkind. I am very happy for her. All the more shabby is the behavior of individual AfD-functionaries. We cannot let this agitation happen.”


“Above all, I am surprised at the positive responses I get, the many positive messages. They say “Cheer up, not all people are that negative. But we stand behind you.” I was very pleased about that.”


But criticism does not abate. Bavaria`s interior Minister Hermann (CSU) also reacts with horror: “Here we encounter the sneering grimace of racism, which the AfD would always like to deny as its attitude of mind.”
“Even if the AfD circle chairman dissociated itself from the entry, it does not soften the statement”, says Herrmann. “The posting once again shows the right-wing extremist wind blowing at the AfD.”


On Thursday, the AfD District Association  had published a picture of Munsi on Facebook with a commentary alluding to the extermination of the Native Americans. “Nuremberg has a new Christ Child. One day our fate will be that of the Indians.”


Bottom Line

We find out, no matter if conservative, left, or green, most are against the AfD.

We fight against right-wing pressure in Europe and for a tolerant, cohesive Europe.



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