I was in London for a stay and I was interested to hear some opinions from the habitants of the UK about Brexit relative to Switzerland. When I asked them about a really sensitive topic I though they may react sceptical but instead they were really kind and tried to explain what they think.  

So I asked one English what he thinks is going to happen with the different agreements between Switzerland and the UK. He did not mention neither the economical nor the political issues, he talked about the migrations. Respective the migration Switzerland is an important partner for the United Kingdom. The relation between both countries base upon the bilateral agreement. But to avoid losing every rights and responsibilities when UK leaves EU Switzerland follows the strategy “mind the gap”. With this strategy Switzerland and UK sign diverse agreements, which should guarantee different category groups. So he said that he would be glad, if there would be less migrant, because they take the jobs from the inhabitants. 

A young man made a point on the politicians. He asked why the Parliament can make new votes but the inhabitants can only vote once and why the members of Parliament can change their opinions and the voter can’t. 

I think that the UK inhabitants have thought enough about Brexit all the time. Now they just want clarity! 








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