gesamtschule der stadt bruehl in germany


The comprehensive school of the city of Bruehl is located between Bonn and Cologne in Germany and is the only comprehensive school in Bruehl.


We are the European school, which means we are travelling internationally, for example in Poland, Spain, Peru, Russia, Ireland, France etc. but also with the Erasmus project. In addition, our school offers a wide variety of languages, with the world languages English, Spanish, French and Latin, everyone learns another foreign language.In our school, all programs of the Hauptschule, the Realschule and the Gymnasium are combined, and thus the qualifications from the Hauptschulabschluss to the Abitur can be achieved.

IES Binissalem in spain


Our school, the IES Binissalem is in the centre of Mallorca and it has participated in previous Erasmus projects. We have six courses, four of them are obligatory and the other two are voluntary, bachelor.      

IES Binissalem was opened in 2005. There are 800 students. Some of the best students  from the age of 15 and 16 joined the project in 2017 because they wanted to improve their English and get to know people from different countries and learn about their cultures, also to deal with the EU.              

gimnazija vladimira nazora zadar


We come from Gymnasium Vladimimir Nazor which is located in Zadar,Croatia. It has two courses which consitst of general and language course. Each one consists of 3 classes spread across four grades.

It was established November 26, 1804. It got its name from great Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor who was also a big politician. He also worked in school as Croatian teacher.

The headmaster of our school is called Rade Šimičević.


We are successful in many sports such as basketball and football. We also participate in many other projects such as the EEE programme (economy,energy and english language), the Erasmus + project etc...

Kantonsschule Musegg in Luzern


The school was founded in 1999 and belonged to the Teacher Training Luzern as the Educational Training Center Musegg. The lessons are being held in two separate buildings called Musegg and Fluhmatt which date back at the ending of the 19th century. The school represents a young and dynamic short – term grammar education which leads students from 2nd and 3rd secondary class within 4 years to the federally recognized maturity. As the largest short-term grammar school in the canton of Luzern,their school offers a wide range of specializations.

Due to their menagable size, everyday life takes place in a personal and familiar atmosphere. At the school they cultivate the musical-creative and promote the abilities of their students in those areas.