meeting in binissalem

The focus of our second meeting in Spain was on fake news. We learned what fake news are, why they  exist and what we can do to avoid them. 



Mossos, the police of Catolonia, thaught us how they use social media and how they fight against fake news. The main thing we learned is how important it is to be critical and always check the sources you get the information from. We learned that it is good to have official sources, but you should always be critical and do not believe everything. At the university of Palma we listened to a presentation from three journalists, who talked about Fake News and showed us a few examples. The three journalists told us that on one Friday all the journalists dressed black because their right of reporting their own opinion was limited and by dressing all in black their were protesting against this. 


Later we learned about the impact of false informations and how to recognize them . In the end we split into 5 groups and each group represented their own presentation about each day. Every group had its own task to complete and then they had to present it to the rest. We made a video conclusion together of everything we did that week. In the evening we had a goodbye party where we brought our homemade food and the next morning we left.