meeting in Lucerne

We’ve come to our goal. Lucerne was the last city we all met as active participants of the Erasmus+ project. On Sunday Spanish, Croatian and German students saw Lucerne’s train station for the first time and felt welcome and at ease after having travelled together for so long.

This week’s main focus was on the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the European Union, what solutions are available for a peaceful and benefitting trade and socially as well as economically working system, as well as communication in the past and nowadays and how it can affect us, on a working and psychological level.


We could walk around the different Musegg school buildings and acknowledge how the educational system in Switzerland differs from others.


On Tuesday we had the possibility to assist up close to a debate with politicians from distinct parties and also discuss the Switzerland’s position in the EU, followed by general advantages and downsides about a membership. We got a better understanding of the reasons why each wing wouldn’t want to join the EU and we were so immersed that we would’ve loved to have more time to get answers to our questions.


Another highlight was of course the visit to Bern where we explored the museum of communication. There, the guides showed us how strongly intertwined our emotions and communication methods and how easily it is to influence our perception of the world around us.

The head of the Justice Ministry of the Directorate for European Affairs (DEA) Fabian Hunold and Franziska Stocker further explained EU dynamics and treaties with their historical backgrounds and, after these instructive sessions, we had the time to get to know the picturesque capital a little better, which was a new experience even for many Swiss students.


Meanwhile we kept on working on our blog, which we concluded on Thursday, the last official day of our Erasmus+ project – the image of the Eu in the post-truth era, that changed us all, let us be better critical and political thinkers and offered us friends and families through every border.