EU elections in our school

European elections 26 May 2019 KSM  

In the period of 20 may to 26 may we made a survey for the students of our school who have also a passport from an EU country. We wanted to find out if they plan to vote or not. Among the 36 people participating, 15 didn`t know that there were European elections on the 26th.  

Beneath the text were some charts.  


There were seven male (blue coloured) and 33 female (red coloured) participants in our questionary. 


Will you vote? Yes (blue coloured), no (red coloured). The explanation that was given the most for “yes”, was that every vote counts. And for not voting was that they were too young. 


“I have no opinion” was the answer of ten students (blue coloured). The reason why they do not want to give an opinion was that they were not informed good enough. Switzerland and EU are influenced by each other, that is an argument for the students, who said “yes” (red coloured). The three people who selected the “no” option, have chosen it because Switzerland is not a part of the EU. 


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