State elections in Thüringen




The state elections in Thüringen took place on 27 October 2019. Voter turnout was 64. 9%. Now to the preliminary result.











Compared to the 2014 state elections, the CDU suffered the biggest losses with 11. 7%. The AfD gained 12. 8% more votes. This results in a clear change in the distribution of seats in the state parliament. So the CDU had 34 seats in 2014 and now only 21. The AfD increased from 11 to 22. Although the left gets the most seats in parliament with 31. 0%, doesn't the AfD still win the elections with its high winnings? However, it has to be said that the election results of the left, as already in 2014, led again to the first place. The citizens were satisfied with the work of the last elected premier Ramelow of the Left and therefore re-elected him and his party.




Thus, it becomes clear that in Thüringen there is a clear contrast between the right and left wings. But how does the high increase in AfD voters affect society in Germany? The Tagesschau (German TV news journal) offers answers with surveys on the voting behaviour of citizens in Thüringen.


It becomes clear that a certain fear prevails among many voters. This can be traced back to past terrorist attacks, partly in the name of Islam, as well as to the increasing crime at the time of the high immigration.




According to the Tagesschau, the CDU has lost 36,000 voters to the AfD because many voters believe that the CDU is not keeping or fulfilling its election promises.




Overall, we find that the AfD received more votes than the CDU, including from former voters of the CDU.


The Left has again achieved first place in the Landtag, but its 31% is not enough to get the majority in the Landtag. The formation of a government can lead to a problem based on the above explanations and therefore a minority government is very conceivable.


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