Schengen is an area of free movement where border controls are abolished.

 Country that wants to be part of Schengen area has to be in a condition to fully provide Schengen rules, which includes border control on land, sea and airports, giving visa applications, police co-operations and protection of personal data, it has to be included in Schengen information system, the most expanded and biggest system exchanging information about security and leading borders in Europe.

European commission thinks that Croatia deserved and fulfilled rules for its way in. Process began in 2016. Commission adds that Croatia should continue with doing obligations the right way, as they do now. On 22nd October 2019, Commission confirmed that Croatia continues to follow the Schengen rules.




The EU citizens and citizens of countries which are part of Schengen area and members of their families have the right to enter on the territory of EU members without authorization. They can be excluded only on public policy basis, public safety or public health. By entering a membership of EU on July 1st 2013 Croatia excepted every bit of Schengen acquis.


On October 22nd 2019 European commission decided that Croatia has fulfilled all of its technical conditions on entering Schengen’s area.


Croatia is ready to take responsibility on keeping the European outside borders in the name of all other countries which are members of Schengen.


For participating it is necessary unanimous decision in the Council of EU.


Entering Schengen area is not just technical, but also political question especially in fighting against corruption and organized crime.


Membership in the EU does not imply membership in Schengen.


Immigrants crisis is the biggest challenge for function of the Schengen area.



Croatia is still not in the Schengen area so during our trip to Switzerland we had to pass border controls which included passport and ID controls. The first control was on the Croatian-Slovenian border which is the present Schengen border. It took us an hour to pass it. Detailed control was also while entering Switzerland. Even though Slovenia, Austria and Germany are in the Schengen area, there were also border controls. Why, if it is stated that just one country do the fully control research?

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