3rd Transnational meeting Zadar, March 31st - April 6th 2019.

First transnational meeting took place in German town, Bruhl. The second meeting was held in Binissalem, Spain. The third transnational meeting of schools and students who run the Erasmus + project “The Image of the EU in the Post-truth Era“ was held in Gymnasium Vladimir Nazor in Zadar from March 31st to  April 6th 2019.

Themes that have been discussed on this meeting were elections for EU Parliament, their presenting in the media and research of the fake news. Students’ task was to make a film that will encourage young people to vote on upcoming elections.

First day after welcoming programme, every school presented how each of their countries announced upcoming EU elections in their most famous media.

After finishing first task, guests were guided through Zadar peninsula.

Tuseday and Thursday were filled with loads of different workshops. Even if schedule was challenging, students were pleasured to participate.

Wednesday was provided for travelling to the capital town of Croatia, Zagreb. First stop was the House of Europe. Students were greeted by Branko Baričević, Leader of Europian comission in Croatia. Mr. Branko warned us about  rights and duties of citizen, and what most of them dismiss-voting. We learned how in different ways young and elder citizens could  be encouraged to vote.

Students of Gornjogradska gimnazija showed us some famous sites of the city with following interesting legends and stories.

Friday morning was reserved for making  reports about previous week. All of their presentations and final movie were presented in Puppet theatre on Friday evening.

Not everything was so serious; after the presentation students attended to school party which was filled with delicious and traditional Croatian meals, prepared by teachers and host students, and good music in which everybody enjoyed.

Our guests and partners went home on Saturday morning, April 6th,2019.

We hope that they landed safely with great memories.

In this project participated 30 students from Gymnasium Vladimir Nazor who were leaded by teachers : Suzana Matković, Daria Mrdalj, Tihana Magaš and Sandra Šango.

Major thanks to students who were not in the project but helped with hosting our wonderful guests.



Zadar, 26.10.2019.                                                           Written by students.

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