Did you vote on EU Parliament elections - Results of survey

After the elections for the EU Parliament  held in May 2019, our group conducted a poll among the graduates of our high school Gimnazija Vladimira Nazor Zadar.

The questions we asked our graduates were:

- Did you vote?

- Who influenced your decision to vote?

- Who did you vote for? (optional question)

Here are the results of our survey.

From the total number of 95 students who completed the survey, 34 students said that they voted ( which is 35,8% ), and other 61 students didn't vote ( which is 64,2% ).



Out of 35,8% who voted, 65,7% students claimed that they did it self-willingly; 11,4% were influenced by media and school while 8,82% said that their parents and friends affected their choice. 

Having in mind that 21 studeng gave us information who they voted for, we got these numbers:

Parties who got their representatives in European parliament are:

HDZ - 4 representatives

SDP - 4

Suverenisti - 1

M. Kolakušić - 1

 Živi zid – 1

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