The european election results in Germany

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Did you follow European elections this year and have you heard about election returns in Germany? This
time, many German parties have achieved unprecedented results, but what are the reasons for that?
Big parties like the CDU and the SDP have achieved the poorest election results ever. The Greens have
produced the strongest results ever. CDU, SDP and die Linke have lost18 seats together, while the Greens
have gained 10 new seats and other smaller parties have gained 1-4 new seats as well.

But why have the results changed so drastically in contrast to 2014? People know much more about
climate change and want to see some political change. In addition, this year some people of public life
have commented on the elections and thus might have affected their viewers. A good example is the
Youtuber Rezo who uploaded the video ,”The destruction of the CDU” where he explains his point of
view on different parties and proves his view through various sources.

The most important thing about the results is the signal that society wants to see the salvation of our
environment. This is also a signal to the other parties to set different priorities because business, peace
and social justice will never be achieved without a healthy environment.


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