The EU loses patience with Switzerland


 The affair between Switzerland and the EU is determined by the skeleton agreement. Some elements of the contract are unclear and they need to be discussed again to clarify relation between the EU and Switzerland. However, some Swiss politicians want to wait with the negotiations until a new president of the European commission is elected because they hope that this way the negotiations will have a better outcome for Switzerland.  


Some EU- politicians already stated that there is nothing to do anymore to improve the relation between Switzerland and the EU and they claim that it’s impossible to find a compromise which is good enough for both. The EU wants a clear commitment from SwitzerlandIt doesn’t suffice that the Swiss people recently voted “yes” in EU-friendly elections like the law on arms, the EU expects an official approval of the federal council 


Eventhough we understand that the EU doesn’t want Switzerland to just pick the best bits and pieces, we think it’s a little harsh to expect an official approval. We understand the predicament of the federal council of Switzerland. They have to compromise between the terms of the European Union and the results of the Swiss elections. We think that in the moment the most important thing for Switzerland is to keep the skeleton agreement with the EU. If the federal council has to approve that officially, then that should be done. 



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