No passport, No ID, NO VOTE

Last week, we prepared ballots with some political parties that present to the European Parliament and all the staff needed for organize an European Elections’ Simulation. Bachiller’s students were the voters and we were on the polling place. We had the chance know better how the elections work, specially what the polling place have to do.

Fortunately, we only worked for an hour. We can’t imagine how it would be all day!

Moreover, they also could practice how to vote for the real elections. But, not everything worked well as we expected it, there were a few problems. Firstly, the president of a polling place arrived late and we had to wait for him. Also, some students didn’t bring with them their ID, passport or driving license so we couldn’t allow

them to vote.

The best part of it was that a TV channel was so interested on the project that they came

to film and interview some voters, teachers and us. We were so lucky to appear on TV!

Roser and Kenza 


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