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Hey you,


Have you ever fallen in love? Do you think it is fair to be judged for who you fall in love with?

We are sure you all know someone who has a diffferent sexual orientation than you yourself. We also know a few friends who have a different sexual orientation than we do and we talk a lot about the struggles related to LGBTIQ+ acceptance in society. Do you know someone too?


If you do, you might be very well aware of the LGBTIQ+ community, which unites all the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual people. But did you know that this unity is a problem for a lot of the people who are in it themselves? The transgender and intersexual people don't want to be in the same group as the lesbian, gay and bi people, because they don't want to be represented by them. Another problem is that many people don't want a label put on them.


The EU tries to keep up with all the modern novelties happening in today's world. The organisation bases on liberality and equal human rights for everyone so that the LGBTIQ+ people can feel as a part of a community.


The situation for those people has improved a lot over the past few years in many countries, but in our daily lives there are still a lot of humans who don't accept them. For example, our best friend is bisexual and he could never tell his parents, because they would probably kick him out of his home. In the past, people never really came out and if they did, they had to go to jail or they were beaten up. In some countries it is still a problem today, but a lot of people are protesting for better rights.


Now we are going to explain you what the EU does for those people. The EU passes many laws in benefit of the rights of LGBTIQ+ people. For example, the European Union guarantees security, protection against discrimination and equal human rights. We think that that this is a positive way to encourge the liberality the Union stands for. Although the EU supports the LGBTIQ+ community in a lot of ways, same-sex marriage is only allowed in 23 countries in the world and we think that is one of the main reasons why the LGBTIQ+ are not integrated properly.


We really hope that the situation will improve and that there won't be any problems for anyone with any sexual orientation. If you share our opinion, than vote for LGBTIQ+.


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