Can I move easily to another country if I'm lesbian? Or can I get a pension like the other people if I'm a bisexual person? The European Union is supposed to equal the rights of same-sex couples  using an anti-discrimination law. Furthermore, it tries to abolish discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation as established in the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights.



However, this is not reflected in every EU country, for instance same-sex marriages can't be carried out or the adoption of children isn't available to them. They are facing difficulties all the time, many citizens don't respect them as they should and they discriminate against them. Because of these people, they don't express their real feelings.


If two women, legally married in the Netherlands,  want to move to Italy, Romania or Latvia, they will lose their pension, child custody and inheritance rights. So what will the EU do? In June 2018, the Court of Justice obligated all these unfair countries to at least respect the residency rights of same-sex couples who prefer to live together in a territory. Moreover, the European Parliament improves the participation of them and wants to give them strength in order to improve at last these wrongs.


They need  all the support from people as possible to keep fighting. Will you support these people? What do you think  about this same sexcouples-movement that has taken strength in the last years?


To carry on with this fight, we need to go together to vote on the next European Elections. 


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