EU-Elections: Survey on students of Gymnasium, Vladimir Nazor, Zadar

The students from the Gymnasium Vladimira Nazora, Zadar did a survey in the Erasmus+ program. The goal was to see how many people are interested in voting in the EU elections. The results of the survey are presented from April 1st to April 6th 2019 during the meeting in Zadar, in which students from the Gymnasium are hosts to students from Germany, Spain and Switzerland who also participate in the program.


Being involved in the Erasmus project enabled us to better understand both the European Union and politics in general. This year's elections for the European Parliament encouraged us to research even more. We have decided to compile a survey and conduct it on 125 individuals to explain how people feel about politics in our society.


We were mostly interested in the number of young people (18-25) involved in politics and whether they are paying attention to the media, especially the coverage about the European Union, their opinions on Croatia being in the EU and the Parliamentary elections in general. That's why we have decided to conduct our survey among our high school seniors. The majority of the 31% clarified themselves uninterested in politics while 30% was not sure. Moreover, the majority thinks that young people are not involved enough in politics (62%) and only 10% is sure that they are fully informed about the rights and regulations inside the EU. 62% of young people regard the elections as important and 44% of them clarified that they will vote because now that they are 18, they have the right to.


The survey was also conducted among the professors (36+) who were mostly involved in politics and made up 4% of our respondents. More than 6% of professors agreed that young people are not enough involved in politics and they themselves are not sure about their rights and the regulations inside the EU. About 6% considers the Parliamentary elections important. Younger professors are not sure whether they are going to vote, however 3% surely will, mostly because they consider it being their citizen's duty.



Aside from school, we conducted the survey on the streets in Zadar and filmed a short report.  

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