Neues Deutschland- Reporting on the Brexit

The newspaper “Neues Deutschland” (eng: New Germany) does not position itself completely clearly.


You can tell they are against Boris Johnson and his plans. The newspaper calls them for example: “tyrannical” and the fact that the court of the UK has decided to declare the compulsory pause of the parliament to be illegal is “comprehensible”.




But, there is always a little bit of EU scepticism. A few examples:




The newspaper has the opinion that the politicians who work against Brexit may never forget that the British people voted against staying in the EU and the result of the referendum in 2016 is called “unambiguous” in an article.




This EU scepticism is getting even more clear in two comments:




It is written there: “Sure, Johnson is undemocratic, unscrupulous, neo-liberal and corroded by overconfidence – as the EU is” or: “The democracy in the EU is just an appearance.”




In summary it can be said, that the newspaper “Neues Deutschland” is against Brexit and Johnson, but often points out that the EU is not better.






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